About Us

What is the Focus team all about?

Below is a brief introduction to the team at Focus Aero Solutions.

Arnar Jökull Agnarsson

Arnar Jökull Agnarsson
Head of Training & Chief Flight Instructor

Currently a Type Rating Examiner on various Boeing aircraft, including the 757, 767 and 747, Arnar Jökull has immeasurable experience in the field of crew training.  He oversaw and managed the implementation of the Evidence Based Training (EBT) projects at Air Atlanta Icelandic and Icelandair, making the airlines among the leaders in the field of EBT in Europe. Furthermore, Arnar Jökull has assisted a number of operators and authorities in the subject of Crew Resource Management (CRM).

Prior to joining Focus, Arnar was the Manager of Training for Air Atlanta Icelandic, a B747 and A330 operator specializing in wide body ACMI contracts throughout the world. 

Arnar Jökull is a Master of Science graduate from the University of Cranfield in Human Factors and Safety Assessment in 2017.

Kári Kárason

Kári Kárason
Compliance Monitoring and Safety Manager

A Type Rating Instructor/Examiner on the Boeing 737 and 757, Kári has held several positions within Iceland’s national airline, Icelandair, initially as the Manager of Training and also playing a significant role in the re-introduction of the Boeing 737 into their operations. Additionally, Kári was on the Evidence Based Training (EBT) implementation team.

As the former Director of Operations for Air Atlanta Icelandic and founder and Flight Operations Manager of a small Icelandic airline, Flugfélag Austurlands, Kári also has in-depth airline operational experience. 

Kári was one of the founders of Keilir Aviation Academy where he has held positions as the Head of Training and Accountable Manager.  He attended the Air Accident Investigation course at the University of Cranfield and graduated from Operational and Test Evaluation Course at the NTPS in Mojave, California.

Arnar Már Baldvinsson

Arnar Már Baldvinsson
Accountable Manager

Has considerable experience in training crews in line operations and simulator alike. A line training instructor with Icelandair with over 16,000 hours, mostly in Boeing 737s, 757s and 767s. 

Spent a number of years at Ryanair as a Line Training Captain and later as a Type Rating Instructor/Examiner on the Boeing 737, Arnar was instrumental in the construction of the Line Training Document at Ryanair, a project he subsequently managed at Icelandair when a similar idea for their line training program was implemented. 

An Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Alumni graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Science in 1997.